October 11, 2008

Great weekend and still one day left

I had a great weekend and it's only Saturday night.

It started with packing my DH and kids up to go to St. George to see Grandparents and cousins down from SLC. No that's not what made it great. My BFF who deserted me and moved 1 1/2 noth to AZ came with out her kids to visit. We were back to our single days again. Now that sounds like trouble but, we had planned a Pampered Chef party to entise old friends over to catch up and craft. A lot of crafting didn't get done but a lot of laughing did. I was getting scrapbook kits ready for Super saturday that I had roped by BFF into teaching a scrapbooking class. I did the designs and kits. I just couldn't teach 2 classes at once. I'm not that talented YET. I was told today I do have a Super woman cape. (Here I thought I had it hid). She just hasn't seen the finger prints all over my house. So we stayed up til 2:30 talking and laughing and just being friends. Then got up to load the car for super saturday. Where I taught vinyl classes all day and made more great friends. It was amazing to meet people I have shared a building with for years yet, still did not know. We (I was on the committee) planned a super saturday and invited all the wards in our building. It was wonderful. Sis Sullivan our chair is full of inovative ideas (she's a retired home ec teacher). I can't wait to use her garbage bag trick at the next event I have to plan. I learned of many talented ladies I go to church with and have a new list of goals to aspire to. But, honestly ladies I already don't go to bed til 2 am trying to be me now. I'm not sure how it's going to work. Yes, that is the key to being me. NO SLEEP.

I then went home- packed my things and headed to St. George to be with my family. No I do not stop I don't know how. I'm auto pilot. That's my goal for next year.

A report on my laundry and thanks for the great tips.(since I'm not home it's still waiting for me, Funny thing it never moves.)I think the only hope is disposable clothes. anyway. My Heavenly Father loves me as it went from 100 to cold so we are now in pants and long sleeves so the lack of clean laundry was not bad we couldn't wear those dirty clothes anyway. We just had to get out NEW clothes. I love this time of year when all my kids clothes are new. (I know I'm crazy) I have pictures to upload of Rissa's and my trip to her favvvoriteeee shoping store (Gymboree). For her favoirite things to wear dreses (her mothers daughter) and velour sweat suits (not her mothers daughter). Anyway I think this week will be a little less hectic.I only have a scrapbook class to teach. I'm not complaining I love my life. I even love the chaos most days. It's what makes me me.

Oh one last thing. I have recently been on face book and found a lot of my old friend and people I grew up with I'm so excited. I found my old bishop from 15 years ago. He was my bishop when I left for college. I'm so thankful for him and his support as that was a difficult transition for me and with out his help and support I know I would not be where I am today. He has the most amazing family. I look forward to keeping in touch with them again.

And lastly Thanks to all my friends for such a great weekend. Since my Bday is this week it was the best Bday weekend a few days with friend and then tomorrow with my family! The only thing that could make it better is some fall leaves. The desert isn't that pretty in the fall.

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