January 13, 2009

Not a Child of God

I was quite amazed/ concerned and in awe of Clarissa the other day. She is way to smart for her own good. I think she is very logical and sometimes thinks to much. This has me worried. She is definitely a literal child. So it's a new year and time to move up in Primary. The first Sat. of the month/ year we went to the lunch w/ your primary teacher. I was concerned as Rissa has had difficulty with our ward change and misses her Sis. Coombs her Sunbeam teacher tremendously. I was hoping that maybe the Sunbeam teacher would move up with them since she was only there teacher for 4 Sundays, due to the ward change. Well we went the breakfast and it turns out that they had, had Clarissa in the CTR 5 class so she will end up with the same teacher. I was relived with that. Should lessen the drama, Remember she is trying out for Drama Queen .

Sunday went well however on Monday I came home to learn she was no longer a Child of God. After some discussion I found out that Rissa believes Child of God was the class she was in and now she's not a Child of God. We tried and have had friends explain that we are all Children of God but, she thinks she is a CTR now. Not sure how to get this across. Her reason is I'm not a child I'm a big person so I can't be a child of God (see I told you she think to much).

So if you see Clarissa you may want to remind her that she is a Child of God.

Just added updates that I hope to blog more about but, for now to keep in my memory. Clarissa started preschool last week. As well as a cooking class- that she loves, Her 2 favorite things to do are Cook and Cheer leading and writing. She loves paper. Hunter started a drum class as well. He would have taken other classes but, they were all canceled. Rissa is hoping to start Tennis soon, she is excited I just mentioned it and now we seem to see lots of tennis items. Hey could be a scholarship in her future. That is if she has more coordination than her mom.

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