January 25, 2009

What I did this weekend.

OK so it was not the most productive weekend but, here are a few pictures of projects I finished or help accomplish.

Be mine Blocks. You can find more info on my website. to purchase your own sets.

This was one of the YW in my ward 10 hour project. Kent made the frame and painted it. I ran the vinyl and her sister peeled it and she placed in on. It was hard as the sheet metal reflected I'm hoping to get an even better picture. It was a fun project.

Here is this years Mutual theme. I can make this in any size. If your YW/ YM room needs one just leave me a message or e mail me.

This is the It's a Girl banner

I made for the baby shower. I'm having fun making these they are kind of addictive. I have a years worth planned out to teach. It may be over kill. We'll see. I wish I could say I got more done around the house. regardless I'm still planning on a yard sale for Saturday. I've already sold the little people. High chair, anyone, bouncer, FP zebra? Clothes, The best dressed baby in the ward is still trying to sell off her wardrobe. (It's a joke apparently people had nothing better to talk about then Clarissa's clothes when she was a baby and how if she didn't have such nice clothes I wouldn't have to work, Bad thing. they weren't thinking and had the conversation in front of my best friend. It's turned into a house joke. Yes, Clarissa still has a closet of a princess and probably always will. She loves clothes and we love buying them for her but, anyone who knows me knows I hardly ever pay full price. Any who)

I'm so excited Hunter's room is looking better already. I'm also excited to be going to SLC in a few weeks to see old friends and to spend some time alone w/ Kent.


Marsha said...

I love the plaque. How are you doing the Temples? I wish we lived closer so we can craft together. I miss you Autumn. Tell your mom I miss her too. She was always so funny and caring.

bow mom said...

I have a vinyl plotter. I do all of my vinyl on that. I wish you lived closer too. Tell Larry to get transfered out here!

Julia said...

Hi Autumn! I haven't seen you in forever! The vinyl looks awesome! Evelyn told me about it last night and I haven't seen it yet. It was great seeing it on you blog. Makes me wish I could afford that vinyl plotter NOW. ( I know, I know, You said I could use yours, but you know how I am! I want my own!!!) I miss seeing you, I didn't get to go to your cookie bash and I feel like I'm in no man's land. I just caught up on your blog. Funny story about Hunter and the whippin. LOL

Hollie said...

I get tired just looking at all of your projects. I am lucky to just make it through the weekend with the house still clean, laundry caught up, and all of the kids alive(: I admire all of your craftiness. I keep telling myself someday I will become a crafty person, but for now people like me keep you crafty people in business.

bow mom said...

I maybe crafty but, my house is not clean and organized. Someday and it's gettting better I think. Maybe I just want to believe it is.