January 17, 2009

Gymbuck time Target sale

Just a friendly reminder to all of you it's Gymbuck time. It seems like it has been forever since I earned these gymbucks. I was so excited to use them. Rissa got 3 new outfits and Hunter a jacket all for $38.00! They are all for next year but, still. I can't wait for Rissa to go to Kindergarten OK I can but, It's fun buying her school clothes.

Attention Target shoppers. Target has marked a lot of it's toys down 75%. So yes, we went on our annual Target shopping spree. I have most of my kids Christmas for this year. I mean I'll add to it but, I could be done if the economy takes a crap they will be fine. I say a blog the other day where the lady kept track of how much she saved at different stores. I was thinking of doing that. Maybe start a thrifty blog. My BFF Christy says I have a talent for it. I just can't stand to pay full price for anything. Oh I have to tell you about the find of the week. Kent bought me my Valentines present early at Target! I've been wanting a frig for my classroom for 6 years but, could never catch one on sale at the price I wanted to pay. Well Kent found me a $129.00 frig for $32.00 at Target this week. Yep it's mine and just in time for my new regiment of exercise, water and healthier food. Yahoo

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Aurora said...

Me thinks it runs in the family.....you should see if there is a cheapcycle/freecycle in Vegas. I got my mini fridge for 15.00 for my office. Granted, yours is much prettier I am sure. I think mine was made in the 80s lol it's "woodgrain" ;x