January 15, 2009

Who knew working out could be so much fun?

So I was laminting with fellow collegues todayI could not find the time to work out and wanted the Wii fit. I was almost sure my dad was going to get it for me for Christmas. (The men in my life have a habit of hinting at the presents they are buying me. He asked if I had one right before Christmas and if I wanted one, Wasn't that telling me he was going to buy me one?)

Anywho. I have not been able to find one (my dad's excuse too). Here we are half way through the first month of the year and the only thing I've done to be healthier was cook dinner and not eat out. Which is a good start.

We discussed the Wii and I have an even stronger conviction it was to be mine. I love Curves but, w/ 2 small children it's not premissable. So I leave school and come home.

To my amazement my mom found a Wii Fit and bought it just today. It's hers but, she is leaving it at my house since I have the Wii (which hadn't been used since June). Thanks MOM! So we spent the evening trying it out. I even got real good at a few of the balance games. I'll just rat myself out here. At the beginning it asked if I had trouble walking as my balance is so off. Yeah, pretty bad when the Wii know of my walking woes. But, I got better except at dodging soccer balls wait I was good at dodging them but, was suppose to be hitting them with my head ( I was having PE flashback fromt he 80's).

Let me tell you I can feel the body woes from the first day already. But, I'm oh so excited to get going. Funny how working out made me not want junk food. I'm so excited to see my me and Mii shrink! Kent kicked me off to watch TV what was he thinking. I can't wait til morning. It's cool you can beat yourself. The competative side of me is coming out. But, I think I'll skip soccer and skiing for now.


Aurora said...

I'm jealous of your wii. Not like we need another game system in this house but we are saving for one.

Tell me how you like it!

your little sis,

Mary-Berth said...

I have had the Wii Fit for about a year, and I love it. I get up at 6AM every morning to do 30 minutes of the free step. When I got back on this morning, after being on a cruise for the past 8 days, it reminded me that I had not worked out in eight days. I have also unlocked all of the other challenges. Rock Band, for the Wii, is HUGE in my house. We have several sets of drums and guitars as well as a 120 foot screen to play it on. Although we have ALL of the systems, Wii is the favorite in this house. Good Luck on your fitness adventure.