January 23, 2009

Play time with my old Barbies and a Hunterism

I just had to show this picture. You can't tell real well but the hangers are divided by color and style and taped together. Proof I was organized at one point in my life. I use to have all my books (which was a lot) in order by author's last name and had a written list (This was before computer, yes, I'm that old).
MY Barbie clothes and Rissa's pink Barbie car. She is very happy to have my old clothes so she now has a that 70's/80's Barbies.

Here she is setting up my old furniture for her Barbies to sit on.

What's a boy to do? Play in the box of course!

The first time he did this I did not know he was in there and he screamed BOO and it did scare me. I think he likes the box as much as his sister likes the Barbies.

Okay Now for a Hunterism:
Last night we were on our way home from our Target adventures where we got a fisher price DVD f player or $35.00. We have been stalking the stores. Now I just need one more. Anyway. Some how on the way out we were talking about whoopins (how I said it) or whippins (how Kent says it). Hunter was screaming the car and I asked him to stop. He didn't and I asked do you want dad to pull over and we'll give you a whippen (deciding Kent's pronunciation sounds better than mine).
Hunter: Yes, please
Mom: Ok Dad pull over
Dad: Now I said yes, now. So he pulls over as he is pulling into the driveway of a strip mall
Hunter: Oh thanks you dad, thank you so much.
The rest of the car including his sister: Laughing, I was trying not to but, it was hard.
Mom: gets out un buckles and spanks his but not to hard (where his diaper is.) "Do you want another whippin?
Hunter: Yes, please
Mom: OK, I do it again this time he doesn't cry but, looks a bit more stunned. I ask " Do you want another whippin?"
Hunter: No, mom I don't
Mom: then don't scream in my car again or (anymore, our favorite family word).
Clarissa: yes, Hunter don't scream AAANNYYMORE, Mom I don't want any whippins either.
It was a quieter ride home when Hunter started to get loud I just asked him the magic question.
Hunter has a bad habit of screaming in the car and he has this high pitch squeal. It's horrible.

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