January 10, 2009

Putting it all away.

I so much enjoyed having my dream of 5 Christmas trees. although I am going for 6 next year. Shh don't tell Kent. Rissa informed me I didn't have one in my room. So we will try to add that one next year.

That being said we just finished putting all the boxes in the attic. WOW I was trying so hard to combine stuff, get rid of boxes and take risks with some of it. I thought I was doing so good unitl count time came. I think I'm embarrassed to say we still have 19 boxes of Christmas plus trees and some small odds and ends.

Kent was so dedicted to have it all on one space. He made a nice space (I'm to chicken to climb in the attic to see it) Remember I can fall on flat surfaces. So it's all up there with the exception of the trees and they go soon. He took a well deserved break to work some more on my fireplace mantle. It's looking so nice I can't wait to take pictures of it.

We have both been working away on our to do list this year all ready. We may just get it finished this year.

I finished my Jan. scrapbook project last night. I'm excited I need to use glitter glue better but, it looks pretty cool. It's a Be mine banner. I have a few love's left from last year and will offer that again too. I have so many great ideas but, no time to execute them. It was nice to scrapbook but, the dinning room table is still a mess. I'm hoping to make a few more projects tonight. What about my scrapbook room. It still needs to recover from the holidays. It was looking great til Christmas came. Oh well It's on my to do list.

Hope you enjoy my blog change. I love to change things for every holiday, hence the reason I like blogging so much.

Just a quick update I'm hoping to get my computer online soon so I can post more pictuers.

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