January 19, 2009

Back in time

So I took a journey back in time today! I went through some of my childhood toys. Now, I need to figure out what to do with them. I gave Rissa most of my Barbie clothes so her Barbies now play in the 70's and have that 70's furniture that is orange and teal. It was cool to go through all the accessories. There was a dial up phone, and a record player. Wow if those don't date me.

I found my my friend dolls, Jenny, Mandy, Mikey and Becky. Yes, I had them all Remember at that time I was an only child and an only grand child. And my effanbee doll collection which also includes some vintage dolls like Tammy, Chatty Cathy, Doris Day and others. Oh yeah and don't forget the NKOTB dolls, stage. poster collection (sorry girls I trashed it). I have comic books though and trading cards. It was a sickness.

I didn't realize I owned so many books either. I was seriously thinking of just getting rid of them. I went on ebay to check the price of my childhood pretty nill. But, the books one is selling from 20-38 dollars. So I'm thinking I should sell them but, it's hard I have all the books by this one author Anita Stansfield. I love her books. Well I just love books.

I have some cute pics I hope to add tomorrow of Rissa playing with my now her Barbie stuff.

I then came home to go through Hunter's room as I'm having a Yard Sale on the 31st. I have more stuff to sell then is humanly possible but, hey maybe I'll have some money to spend when I go to craft heaven (slc) in a few weeks. I was having a hard time getting rid of toys (my kids) but, think I've decided to get rid of most of their little people toys. Let's face it Rissa is on to Barbie and I don't think she is going to go back to Little people. I'm not sure she even likes her pop dolls now, so sad but, maybe in a few weeks. Hunter, I think he'd rather play star wars or Indiana Jones. I'll keep the cars one and dinosaurs as he does play with them Oh and this is bad but, I'm thinking we should keep the zoo for when they are in Kindergarten and have to take something that starts with a certain letter day. (Do they still do that) See I am thinking ahead.

I can't wait to post my picture of my organized Barbie hangers. You should have seen how organized her things were too. Proof I once was organized. I will get there this year I will! I just need to learn to purge. I found 2 boxes of stuff in my room to purge one huge box of toys in Hunters and another in Rissa (little people). I'm trying to tell myself less is more. Yeah, I just don't believe it yet. The hard thing will be when it doesn't sell and I have to take it to DI or some place.

Well this is way to long so I'm going to go finish some projects. I have a few cute ones to post soon. I'm excited. I wish I had a few weeks off to clean. Oh my fireplace is almost done my window cornices are. I just need to make curtains! YAHOO! We are making head way on the To Do list here. Helps when you work less.

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