January 8, 2009


I have been contemplating this a lot the past few weeks.

It's a word I think I may hold to near and dear to my heart. Some people call everyone their friend. I on the other hand feel like most people are aquaintances and few are friends maybe I'm skeptical, I don't know. Maybe I got hurt a few to many times as a child thinking someone was a friend. None the less It's a term I don't use lightly. I have recently been overjoyed to reconnect with some friends from my youth. Because I don't use the term lightly I'm beginning to think maybe I had a few more than I thought. But, anyway.

I was beginning to think I didn't like facebook, to many old acquaintance I didn't care to know about or to know about me. But, today I love facebook. It has allowed me to reconnect with some great friends. I have been searching for my friend Beth for quite some time. She has been on my mind and last night I found her on facebook. I'm so excited to reconnect with her. I'm not sure how we lost touch. Maybe in all my moving and hers. I'm also excited she only lives a few hours away in SLC. I'm excited for her that she is getting married in a few months and that I'm here to support her in that. We had grand adventures together both in High school going to NKOTB concerts and the one year I was home during college having fun road trips and shopping adventures. Beth was my wild and crazy friend and we'd do silly things that you only do at that time in your life. You know drive to PA to drop off a cat, sleep a few hours and drive home. A city and state I've been to but, not seen except through the car windows.

I'm not sure what to do about taking the word friend so seriously. It just doesn't seem natural to me that someone is my friend just because we belong to the same church, work in the same place or our kids may take some class together. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that is something I need to work on this year. I know because I take the meaning and title so seriously I'm always to hurt when I lose a friend. That I've dealt with lately and am learning that it's part of life. some friends you lose in contact with due to moving, others life changes (Marriage, children), others you find different interest. I find it dishearting that people can't be friends because they have different views or cultures. I recently had a friend that continually thre my religion in my face, I wasn't sure why it was an issue, I have a strong belief in my faith, I also have issues I disagree with too, I have my own voice and opinions, they are all mine based upon my life's experiences. But, those are for another day. I'm not sure what I did or didn't do to lose this friend but, I've reconsiled myself to that is life.

In this new year I'm going to be Thankful for the friends I have. One of my goals for this new year is to appreicate them more. To spend more time with them. I tend to spend my time crafting. I want to visit friends and have them visit me (not sure how I can do that kidnap them) my college roommate lives across town and truthfully I think I see the one in Idaho more than her.

That is one thing I like about blogging, It helps me to keep in contact and reconnect with my old friends and I've even made a few more!

To all my friends thanks for the support. I can't wait to spend time chatting, crafting, traveling and playing together this year.


Crystal Martin said...

I totally get it Autumn.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl you are amazing I do value our freindship. I hope we can spend more time together this year but I do belive you are a dear freind to me. Thanks for all you do for me and my family. Have a great week. love ya evelyn. Hey I actually wrote in comments.