January 24, 2009

Look what I made!

Here is the card I made for the baby shower I am going to tonight. I especially like that the bow comes off and can be worn.
The top of the diaper cake, is a bow holder too.

Here is the whole cake.It has 13 baby bows, 3 small bows and 1 medium bow, 2 bow holders and 2 rattles.

The personalize hairbow holder. The little girls name is going to be Georgia but, they are calling her Gigi. This is a new design for me. I may call it the Gigi. It is a 6x6 square. Her mom is a GRIT so I'm sure she'll love this personalize item. It's a pre req to being a GRIT that makes Westerns think you are a prep.

I figured out some photo posting tips on this one! Yahoo!

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