January 22, 2009

Who would have thought

Rissa was wanting to sell things (as I have been getting ready for a yard sale). I suggested we get rid of her little people as she never plays with them esp. now that we have Barbie and Polly pockets. She agreed.

I'm kind of sad as I have been collecting little people for my children since before I was married but, I have grand illusions of clean neat bedrooms and know this is not going to happen if we don't get rid of things.

Rissa has the above house listed here for a price of up to $399.00 It looks like they start at $68.00. Who would have thought that these little people items would be so valuable. I can't believe anyone would pay those prices. I'm still thinking 10-15 per set is a fair price. I was amazed when I went to check prices how much this stuff goes for if indeed it does sell.

It makes me want to keep it but, then I remembered the BIG box it's in and I don't want to keep the BIG box. I guess I'm glad we don't have much storage in NV or I'd be keeping everything.

She has decided to get rid of the grey castle, the farm, I think the airport, and something else. She wanted to keep a few and I said OK for now. It's crazy. The even crazier part is she knows which pieces go to which sets for the most part. Now that was fun sorting pieces (which was why I was looking them up to get it all right. We are hardly missing any pieces. ) I'm keeping the holiday sets for now and the ark or and the zoo animals for letter day in Kindergarten.

Just part of making way for Barbie and her luxury items! I can't say much I had them too. The house, the pool, the horse, the RV.

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Marsha said...

Oh Autumn,

You should totally keep this and put them in storage. You will regret selling them. Little people are collectors items and people actually collect them. Rissa and Hunter may want them for their own children. WHo knows, but keep them, keep them, keep them. They are AWESOME!!!!