August 23, 2008

Daddy's Girl, Flat tire

Rissa riding w/ her dad on the 4 wheeler before he put it away today! Notice she lost her bow on the ride. We were sad it was a way cute one w/ lots of colors.
I'm so glad my Dad is home! Hunter was sleeping. He's sad he missed out. He wants to go with his dad in a bad way. He's been crying every weekend to go. When it cools off we'll all go up. But, I'm not going camping until it's under 85! outside!
We are all gald Dad got home safe he had not one but, two bad tires on the way home. This was the first. That he took off. But then

This happened about 10 miles from home so he put the other bad tire back on and limped home.
Yikes. Guess we need new trailer tires! How fun for us!

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Marsha said...


Your little girl looks so much like you. She is adorable. Where did she get that red hair? I love red hair. You have such a beautiful family. We have come a long way since the old Lexington Days huh?