August 3, 2008

My kids are to funny

Someday I'll get pictures but, I always kill the computer when I try to upload them. Maybe someday I'll get a new computer or get mine hooked up to the net. anyhow my kids are to funny!

Clarissa split something the other day and I made her clean it up. We have been cleaning fools around here anyway. As she was cleaning the floor she says" Do I look like Cinderella?" I about busted a gut as I had read a friends blog that DD had said the around the same thing. Her dad didn't get it. My reply was when you spill things on the floor you get to be Cinderella! A few days later she spilled again and asked "Do I have to play Cinderella again?" I replied, "Yes, as long as you spill you get to be cinderella." C: I want to be the mean step mom!" Mom: " No that's my job!, Get cleaning!".

Yes, to funny!

Hunter is starting to get opinions to his sisters dismay, and his mom's. He's starting to not want to wear the clothes we pick out for him- imagine that. He still wants to hold you so that's good. But, is starting to learn his sisters bed time tricks, which don't work for mom. One time out of you room and I shut doors! He hates that!

Rissa has decided she needs to go to school. She starts Kindergarden next year but, wants to got his year. I'm going to check about her starting early but, it makes me very sad! I suspect it's not school she wants but, all the new stuff. She has a list a mile long of things she needs for school. Including multiple back packs. And the coolest school supplies, You know Hannah Montana and Princess pencils, erasers and markers.

If that is not bad enough she has decided her whole family needs to take her school shopping. By this I mean. Mom, Dad, Tutu, Poppy, Yaya, Nana and Keith. I think she has assigned each person things to buy her. I told her that may not be possible. But, she has a plan. Next summer when she goes to Poppy's he can taker her to the store and get her a box to put her school stuff in and some shoes. Yaya you are assigned the back pack and princess stuff and Nana- You have the Hannah Montana stuff because "You like to buy her Hannah Montana stuff". I'm not sure where she comes up with all this. Tutu you get to make her a dress to wear and Mom and Dad I guess get the rest. It was hilarious as she told me the story Friday at Wal Mart and then again Sat at Big Lots. I'm not sure where this girl comes up with her stories. I think I have this right.

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