August 18, 2008

NO Teacher left sane

OK. I think this is the addendum to No Child left behind. No teacher in Nevada left sane. I swear it is. Is it not bad enough that that I go into work 2 days before I'm assigned to and work for free. Or that I spent $75.00 today alone on my classroom. NO We in Nevada are under severe budget cuts. So I may get my self in trouble by this post but, I'm upset. My students are going to be left behind. Why you ask her are my reasons: 1- We are not getting new appropriate textbooks. 2-I teach a program called Read 180 it should be taught in a 2 period block- no money means only one period. It's my choice to teach it and make it work or not. I will choose to teach the program I may change the name to Read 90! 07-08 I taught it in a 2 hour block and was able to greatly improve many of my students reading levels from 1/2- 6/7 one even 9th! This is their last chance before High school folks come on. I'm willing to work with them give me the support. 3- I don't understand how we can afford a publications (yearbook) class and other electives but, we can't afford a class that improves reading skills. 4- We are suppose to implement a new program called Thinking Maps (It's great the kids love it and they will succeed with it), now the problem NO MONEY to buy the program for all the students.

I feel frustrated as we are suppose to increase student achievement but, how if we don't have the tools we need!

Today I cried and really wanted to quit, and then I thought of my poor students who need some life skills.

It's no wonder the High School we feed into only gave diplomas to less than 100 of it's 400 graduates and should have had lots more. We send them over 300 Freshman every year and they get students from other schools too.

We so need to do something about education! It scares me! I feel for my students. I feel that they get to my 8th grade English class and can't read beyond a 2nd grade level.


I can't wait til June when the tell me my students did not make adequate progress- DUH when you don't give them the right supplies. I feel like we are in a race with out tires on our cars!

OK I'll stop my rant now and try to find the sunny side of all of this.

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Rochelle said...

This is sooo sad!!! I don't think that people understand that this is our future we are talking about!!