August 11, 2008

Preppy swap

Okay I was blog stalking- Yes, me! and I found this:

Preppy Girls Who Loves all things preppy. Headbands, Seersucker, Madras and Preppy Ribbon Belts!

Okay I love all of the above. The only one I don't currently use is the ribbon belts for 2 reasons. 1- I'm sorry ladies but, fat girls don't look good in ribbon belts and I love ribbon! 2- My dear old roomies from college tied me up with all mine. Ok they didn't but, those Idaho girls had a good laugh at this GRIT when I came to college with ribbon belts. You all are free to comment now.

I didn't realize the rest made me preppy but, as I read on I saw myself. All the monogram stuff. names on stuff, the colors and yes, the seersucker and Madras- Just look at my kids Easter clothes, I guess I have officialy achieve the preppy title so I joined this - no it's not a self help group. A group so I can play with more preppy people. I can't wait it's a swap and it sounds like way to much fun! Come join us even if you don't lov madras and seersucker. Just wanted to check to hairbows count as headbands? I think I've turned my DD into a preppy too. Oh well! Life goes on!

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