August 16, 2008

How to post pictures

Yes, I do know how I just don't because I have trouble getting them from the camera to the computer! I have 2 disc and atried a smile box but, it went to cyber space 2x.

This is for 2 of my friends so their blogs can look cuter than mine.

look above where you type to make and entry. Look to the right of the abc and checkmark. It looks like a pictuer w/ mountains. Click on it.

another screen will pop up. click on the browse and find where on your computer the picture is located. Which drive or a disk in my case. It will show you the pictures. Look below for where you want it placed and the size.

Click upload image and your done. YOu can drag the photos around your post. It's not fun. But I have done it. Check out summer fun group and souper saturday!

Have fun ladies and I hope to see your pictures soon. If you need more help call me.

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