August 18, 2008

a few more picturs from summer 08

Baby Louie at the Toledo zoo Petting a guine pig

Baby Kalie- we say her last year she kissed the glass and became Rissa's friend. We hear about her all the time! It was great to see her again. We look forward to seeing her again next year!
Our Anual Family Zoo photo! I think this may be the only photo of most of us. May be because Poppy spent most of our trip on vacation at St. Joe's Hospital in Saline!
I'm leaving on a jet plane! Rissa can't wait to get to MI for YAYA to pick her up!
Going thru the airport
Where is our plane!
Sleeping on Poppy's bus on the way to the zoo!
Looking for the Zebra's (rissa's favorite animal) with YAYA on the train!

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