August 30, 2008

I'm old


If you know what that means than you were one of us! Yes, New Kids On The Block fans!

Yes, Rochelle I'm coping you! But, you know. I can't let my Donnie down! Yes, I liked the bad guy!

Let's say some of my fondest youth memories involve NKOTB!

First my amazing mom let me and her stay out all night to get front row seats! Yes, I did I had FONT ROW SEATS! I touched all of them but, Jon and yes, I did feel special that night. I also made my claim to fame in the Lexington, KY area as the crazy girl in the blue dress who hung from the skywalk that DONNIE walked out on. Okay I wanted to meet him all I realy got was a crazy look but, I bet that is more than most of you got from him. I think it was a look of love It had to be.

I even got a seat towel that had 4 dots on it. Aren't I special!

I had all the dolls and was so lucky my friend Beth won tickets to the concert in Cincy! I almost got left there trying to see my one true love Donnie!

My mom even said I could get my nose pierced like him. ( Yes, she admitted later she knew I was to conservative for that). Just once I'd like to do the unpredictable. I think the only unpredictable thing I did was act crazy hoping to see NKOTB!

Alright memory lane needs to end for tonight! I may add more later!

Yes, those songs are going through my head- Mrs. No Music!

Cause I got the RIGHT STUFF!

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