August 9, 2008

I need a kiss Daddy!

Well we are officially Hunting widowed. But, Kent came back early this weekend, so Rissa decided we needed to go to the princess store (Disney store at the outdoor outlet mall). Much to her dismay she did not get anything there. We had been down to the outlet mall about 2 weeks ago when our friends Christy, Dana and Anya were here. Rissa had found an outfit she liked then and tried it on.

She wanted to go try it on for her dad. Yes, she loves to try on clothes. She's grown lately and right at that hard to fit stage between toddler and XS. They are cut so different.

Anyway so she tried this on for her dad.

She tried it on and thought it was just me! YEs, remember the other day she had nothing in her closet that was her. She asked if she could get it. I said ask your dad. So she went out of the dressing room and told her dad she needed to give him a kiss. She gives him a big kiss tells him she loves him and says I'll take it home with me!
I went out with him and told him I had remembered my 15% off coupon and if we got 2 skirts it was cheaper. She does need clothes for fall and She loves jackets so it will get worn. (The girl is always cold and would live in a jacket. )
So we took the new outfit home with a pink skirt to match. I then had to convince her she didn't need a shirt for the pink skirt as she has some at home. I think she learned to shop from her Poppy! It's okay she has good taste. She'll just have to learn to work as well as she shops!
So we have a cute new jacket and it's still 100+ degrees outside.

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