August 4, 2008

someone stop me!

My sister bought me a necklace like the one above with my kids names on it for my birthday- Stop stressing you didn't miss it, You still have 2 1/2 months. It was an early present.

I have gotten lots of comments on it. And you know me I'm always thinking of my next business venture. So tonight I looked it up. I figured out how to make them and the cost. I want to make them BAD! I could even afford to do it.

So I'm asking either talk me out of it or promise to buy one so I can get started. Mine is rounded and has a crown in the middle on C's and a star on Hunter's. I found all kinds of cool symbols.

I think Kent might kill me if I get into another project. But, adding one more thing to my booth would not be that bad. I mean it won't take up that much room and it can't have it's own booth. How many of them do you need unless you are me. You can also make them to look like this.

I live the ones with live, laugh, love!

this one is cool too! Okay so let the comments come.
Pricing you ask. Well Mine was $32.oo for the first disk one name and $8.00 for the second- That included a chain. I'm still trying to figure that out. I'm having a hard time finding the chains. I believe $8.00 for small and $10.00 for large charms is doable maybe less. I'm still trying to play with numbers.
Am I the only crazy person who thinks these are way to cute. I wish I could post a picture of mine.
Oh I don't need a new toy but, I do. I need something different in my booth.
Advise needed please


Rochelle said...

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! I will buy the first one. They are so cute, you know I am always up for somthing new :) talk to Robbie @ I bet she can find you and awesome deal on the chain.

am I a bad influence :)

bow mom said...

yes, you are but that's ok! Kent even said to do it. I'm still thinking about it.