August 28, 2008

True Confessions

OK This is a true confession. I'm not sure I've ever really tried to hold Family Home Evening (FHE). Yes, I've pretended as we ran errands or did fun things but, actually have a lesson. I sucked well until now!

I know Mollie went bad.
Well Monday we got the new friend in the mail and yeah it was Monday so I decided we should have FHE! Mind you I have a 2 and 3 year old. I was also slightly scared that I'd soon be ratted out by Clarissa in primary soon! After all last week she told them that when she hits her brother I hit her and send her to her room. Usually it's the corner and she isn't usually hit for hitting. But, we do bit for bitting around here. Or put soap in your mouth for the word HATE esp when it's used 4x about your family (yes, this was Clarissa's experience yesterday.). Apparently Hunter said the word HATE today- Rissa reported him to me and offered to hold him down while he got soap. I only put one squirt on her tongue I didn't ever rub it in. But, it worked. She will probably hate peach soap the way I HATE Ivory soap.

Any how back to my FHE lesson. So I was guilted in to doing what I knew I needed to do hold FHE. We all meet in the kitchen and look through the Friend. Rissa picks a story and I read it or attempt to about prayer and what we are thankful for. It was only 2 pages but, it was agony for a middle school teacher! We got through it. I think Rissa ended up in the corner but, I taught a lesson or tried. Then we copied the pages and listed what we were thankful for! - which caused a fit from the red head. That sent her to her room by choice. Like I care she goes and screams in her room vs. in the Kitchen for all to hear. Hunter had a treat and then she decieded to come and join us.

I have to report it was a somewhat pleasant experience. It did remind me why I teach Middle school.

Ok what sparked the confession?

this I was hoping it may help some of you. Don't worry you don't have to come out of the FHE closet.

Well it's my bed time so I'm off to bed. Let's hope for 2 weeks of FHE for us!

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Julia said...

Wow! Where do you find these things? I am so excited you found that blog! I'm gonna use that lesson of Monday! FHE is a hit and miss in my home. We try and then we get too busy (according to ourselves) and we just don't do it! Good job Autumn! I'm proud of you!! Julia