August 23, 2008

Farewell Summer

For some reason I'm sad summer is over. We accomplished a lot this summer. I almost got everything on my to do list done. I at least started it. I must say I do feel cheated this summer and maybe that's why I feel sad summer is over. We sent 2 1/2 weeks in MI but, my dad spent most of that time in the hospital. I feel like I didn't really see him. For years I have gone to my dad's for the summer some years were rocky but, it's a pilgrimage my children love and look forward to. I feel like we missed it. I guess their are lessons to be learned for all of this. How much we need to spend time with our family and love them, make memories, I know I have next summer but,I know some time there won't be a next summer. I have tired to live my life as a parent doing and letting my kids do. I know others think we do to much but, I also think if tomorrow one of my children weren't hear I don't want to have regrets.

I'm so thankful for a husband that supports me in the doing and does with us. I'm a doer I live to do things, go on adventures and live life. I can't wait to see the world with my children. I can't wait to pack up in the car and travel with out fighting or schedules. OK back to summer.

Just for a recap things we did this summer:
Baby Expo craft show, Dinosaur park, Un Birthday Party, Movies, Bus ride to the strip, M&M world, Flew to Poppy's (MI) , Toledo Zoo, Kirtland, Ohio, played at the lake, Jet Ski rides, went fishing in NV and MI (at both of Poppy's lakes(one is really a pond)), Played with Jacob, Went to the park with Granny Z and Kevin, Saw fireworks twice, went to 3 baseball games (Tigers and 2 51'S, we may hit a third on Friday), Saw our family, Oh pet a black bunny (at my aunt and Uncles), I did another craft show, Cleaned our house, organized our house, painted a wall in our kitchen and put vinyl up, went to the library, Clarissa was in a play, Played with Danna and Anya, Stayed in Mesquite for 3 days, Mom went to LA shopping in the garment district,

WOW quite a summer, We had much fun took lots of pictures and made memories to last a life time.

Thank you to all who played with us and hosted us! We had a blast and can't wait til next summer!

We miss many of you. As in the summer we get to spend time with those who are so far away!

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Savannah said...

Hey Autumn,
Whenever you get bummed about your summer, just look at my summer in the July posts. YOu know, our FHE is difficult as well and we have 5 kids. 3 of which are much older than your children. All my kids want to do is sing and eat a treat.