August 16, 2008

I fear summer is over :(

First I want to thank my 2 wonderful friends for playing with me this week.

I started the week off by going to ASD which is a trade show to find things to embellish (put vinyl on) or to craft with. I went to find metal easels and did! YAHOO! I walked for 2 days one w/ my DH and the 2nd with Christy and Rochelle! Well you know what happens when you get 3 girls together. We bought a whole booth! Okay don't get excited it was fixtures and tables for craft shows but, it was fun to think we bought a booth! I used my great negotioation skills and well we actually stole it. I was able to amaze my new craft friend Rochelle and well Christy knows me well enough to know I like to wheel and deel! I'm excited for our next show! Harvest fest in 3 weeks come see me and Rochelle!

Tuesday we got up and the kids and I went to Mesquite to play with CHristy and her kids for 3 days. I had to speak about goals to her youth at church- (yes, I still want to be a professional speaker some day too). We went to thepool I even took pictures coming soon I hope!

Thursday we came home and picked up Tutu she returned from her month long trip back east.

Friday Rochelle and I got up and left at 6 am for a buying trip to LA! It sounds impressive and it was a lot of fun. We are planning trips in the future if you care to join us. (We have room for 2 others in my mini van. Next time we are staying the night and going to IKEA! Rochelle has never been. I feel like a loser friend for not taking her! But, that takes a good 4 hours itself!) I found some great ribbon, crystals and hair flowers, chains for my new jewelery business. If you are in the market for costume fabric, home decor or clothes it is the place to go. We had fun. We sweated and look forward to my entry on my weak bladder ( I only went pea 2 x but, it was adventurous) when Rochelle sends me pictures!

Then that brings us to today- Yeah I had great plans but, all I've done is play with my kids and that has been fun! So tomorrow will be finish up the cleaning or late tonight!

I have to be back at school on Wed but, need to go back Monday to get things done!

My summer is over! It's been fun and productive and now it's back to earning and learning. The good news is I don't have to take ANY classes this year, I've not sold my prep (sad for th money but, great for time) and My house is starting to be organized.

It was another great summer- I do want to say I survived without a sunburn! (I think this is due to the fact my dad was in the hospital so I didn't play in the sun much).

On to craft season! I'll be up to my ears in paint, paper, vinyl and ribbon oh yeah metal too now! Can't wait to get my website up and running!

Thanks for reading!

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Marsha said...


You sound like you are having so much fun. I love crafts. Savannah and I have been working on beaded bracelets. I would love to see more pictures of your kids. That red hair on your girl is gorgeous! Love,