August 23, 2008

In sanity

Well, school starts on Monday. I still have things to go do in my room in the am. I have bribed my kids with watching a movie on Mom's board at school so I can get finished. Let's just hope it works.

This school year has started off interesting. My classes have changed. and well I am suppose to have a teacher who teaches with me as I teach a CC class Special Education students in with my reg. kids. The young girl I had for the past two days resigned at the end of the day today. Let's just say she was intriguing (yes,I used my favorite word to describe those who are unique). I won't say much more. I tried very hard to be open and workable but, some things are not negotable. Like using the program we are to teach or what room to teach in. I know Insane teacher that I am wanting student achievement.

On to the school finances. I think we'll be lucky to have enough TP for the whole year. So if you all could start saving up rolls for me that would be great. Not to mention copy paper. Yeah, times are hard for public education. That 4% raise the gave us was just so we could buy our own supplies! :)

Off to a great year!

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