August 6, 2008

taking a break from Cinderella

okay so I'm cleaning. I mean take the bed apart and rearrange cleaning, You know where you have a bigger mess than when you started at one point.- The point I'm at!

Anyway, I want to go shopping (avoid the mess I've created) but, decieded to look online instead. Better idea! - The reason is All of Clarissa's close seem to short lately. especially her dresses. I think she's grown over the summer and I can't stand to small clothes. We still have a good 2 months of warm weather. SO

I checked Gymboree my favorite store and filled my basket. I love that they will save it for me so I can ponder for a few days.

Then I checked Childrens Place- no luck to grungy and as Clarissa would say "Those clothes don't look like me".

She has been dying to shop at Limited Too and another store like it that the name escapes me. So I thought okay I'll check. No such luck they start at 6 but, I was so excited as they have great sales just liky gymbucks check it out

get 80 when you spend 50. See I've created a clothing monster and it's all my fault. I don't mind it most days. She likes to look cute (who doesn't). I was so excited to see leggins are still in. Okay I had many pair in many colors. I loved them. I like the idea esp. when it cools off it may just extend the life of a few of her favorite gymboree dresses. She has about 4 that we hide at some times as soon as they are clean she puts them on.

Well I need to get back to cleaning my amoire is getting moved into my scrap room tonight and I'm rearranging my bed room. I have boxes for a yard sale that I'm seriously thinking of calling a place to come and get some of them. I may put some things on Craigs list. Like the highchair, kids clothes, name brand ones and toys. The baby ones. You know that popper thing that annoys everyone that my dad had to buy! alright off to work. I'm in a mad dash 2 weeks from today I'm back in the class room!

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Rochelle said...

I WAS DOING THE SAE THING!!! I went through Sabrina's closet this morning. I thinks she gets taller by the week. My mom bought her a bunch of new cloths at the begining of the summber and now we are down to a few things, and only two pair of shorts! I need to go shopping.
It is sad saying goodbye to toddler cloths, I have to move to big girls size XS 5-6 *sniff sniff* a lot of the stuff just looks waaay too old for her! they grow up fast